Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Projects with Apprentices

by Andy

This week the apprentices have big responsibilities. Kumar, Will, Ewan and Sam are here to work from Monday through Thursday. The first harvest of the year is this Thursday and the Ukelele Choir Great Gathering is this Saturday. We need to be ready for both of them. In addition, we still have some big lingering garden and facilities projects.

This is kind of a make-or-break week for a lot of things in the garden. We absolutely had to plant broccoli and sweet corn in order to have a chance at harvesting either this fall. So Monday morning we took the whole morning and planted 2400 sweet corn plants and 600 broccoli family plants. Boy it felt good to get those in! Then today in the morning we spent half the morning trellising tomatoes and the other half hoeing pumpkins and sweet corn. In both cases if we put off the work until next week it would have taken twice as long to do.

Tomorrow for garden work we will thin and weed beets, harvest lettuce mix, and hoe some in the garden. We also have our sights set on moving the electric fence to get ready for the Ukelele Fest to happen at the Farmstead and cleaning out the chicken coop. Big goals. Thursday we will harvest onions, garlic, herbs, flowers, kohlrabi, zucchini and green beans.

In addition to garden work the apprentices are busy with facilities work. They are painting in the Homestead, planting pine trees, and getting the long barn ready for the first harvest and the Ukelele Extravaganza.

Kumar and Sam

Will and Ewan

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