Friday, July 15, 2011

Garlic Festival July 23rd

Hello Garlic Lovers,

The first of this year's garlic
We are very excited about our upcoming Garlic Harvest Festival. The garlic is looking great and just this week we got rain at exactly the right time for the bulbs to size up. One more week and they should be ready! We have 12 families signed up to come from the Garden Share Program and there are also up to 4 more families coming out for the final day of our Elementary 2 Summer Camp. 

Many of you have been to the Garlic Fest before, but for those of you who are new, here's how it goes:

1. Our 8 E2 summer campers are here that whole week. They will be hosting the event and leaving with their families at the end. Please mingle with them and ask them about their week on the Farm.

2. Families arrive on Saturday between 9 AM and 10 AM. Please be prepared to work outside. Dogs are allowed, but must remain on the leash at the Farmstead (safety and chickens).

3. There are several work stations. There are some people harvesting the garlic. Others wash and bundle the garlic. Others braid the soft-neck garlic. Others hang the garlic up to cure. Some people need to stand around and watch the people who are working. Some children will pretend to wash the garlic, but actually spray each other. Some adults will too. If we have enough helpers, we will also tackle other pressing garden needs. Everyone works until we are all done or we get too hungry and decide to start the potluck anyway.

4. Generally we start the potluck around 12:30. We picnic in the shade under the oak tree in front of the farmhouse. Please bring a dish that either celebrates garlic or goes with dishes that celebrate garlic. We will also roast a couple dozen heads of garlic for smearing on toast or crackers. This is hands down our favorite potluck of the year (no pressure), because people often bring incredible dishes from all over the world.

5. After they roll us away from the tables, we are all encouraged to linger and enjoy the Land School. Visit the animals, tour the gardens, hike to the treehouse, play on the lawn, or just hang out with each other. 

Sounds fun? If you have not signed up yet to come out but want to come anyway, just invite yourself. Call or email us at the Land School to let us know you are coming.

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