Thursday, August 11, 2011

Harvest Thank Yous

Today was a lovely harvest day. Thank you to everyone who helped!

On Wednesday afternoon Bryan, Isaiah and Rena came and helped pick potatoes and onions. They stayed the night and were joined in the morning by Mary and Will, who had decided on Wednesday to spontaneously show up and help. Great idea! Then we had a near neighbor, Sam, show up to help and check out the place. Sam had been doing Americorps in Barron and heard about the place through Nadine. Intrigued, he had to check it out, and we naturally put him right to work - picking sunflowers and sweet corn.

It was a big harvest, the biggest so far. We harvested right up until after one pm and barely had time for lunch and a quick shower before I needed to head out to Lake Country for the market.

Big Great Gathering coming this weekend! We are all excited.

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