Monday, August 1, 2011

Work Day Thanks + Mosquitoes welcome 7 Apprentices

On Saturday we had one of our summer work days. Saturday's weather was typical of this summer as a whole - a little bit of everything. It started hot and muggy. As our workers arrived, we went to work hand-weeding the worst part of the garden. It was tedious, dirty work, but we were all working in the same area and we kept a good conversation going. Eamon had a record going for the largest weed in each category. As our pile of weeds grew to a small hill, breaks became more and more frequent. The humidity was making everyone sticky. But still we persevered. It is nice that our beds are only 90 feet long and we can see the end coming. Eventually I peeled off to get a grill going and then it started to rain. These were big cold rain drops and as I chopped veggies for the grill I marveled that team weed kept going. When everyone finally came down they looked refreshed actually. Soon we were hanging out in the long barn while the rain poured outside. The thunderous sound on the steel roof got even louder occasionally when a burst of hail came through. The rain kept going on and off for over an hour. By the time it had passed, Anne went to check the thermometer and rain gauge. We had a little contest to guess the temp and amount of rain. There was an inch of rain, but we were all wrong on the temp, because who could have guessed that it could go from over 90 degrees to 64 degrees in the space of an hour? After lunch, the sun came out and the humidity and heat came back; there was more hanging out, while Fiona played in puddles and mud and went through three changes of clothes.

Thanks to Jay, Autumn, Fiona, Desmond, Kit and Eamon!

Our biggest group of summer apprentices ever arrived Sunday evening. This morning when I walked over to supervise breakfast, I got bit by more mosquitoes than I can count. It was near constant. What is going on? We usually don't have trouble with mosquitoes here at the Land School. We shall see how it is to work outside because we have a LOT to do this week. I hope DEET works against these guys.

Welcome Josie, Eva, Sadie, Celine, Kerri, Sophie, and Laura!

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