Friday, August 12, 2011

Tomato Success!

Dear Andrew and Donna,
We are a southwest Minneapolis family. We planted our first tomato harvest in early June from 15 roma tomato seedlings that I ordered from the LCS plant sale. It has been amazing to see how interested my 3 year old son, Hollis has been in caring for the plants and watching them grow. If it wasn't for his persistence I might  have left them very thirsty a couple of times. We have also become quite a popular rest stop in the neighborhood for dog walkers, families and runners since our 6x4 raised garden is in our front yard and our plants have grown to be 7 feet tall! Everyone has been interested in seeing them grow and produce! Thank you for the little bit of land school experience in our urban garden. I've attached a picture of my son and his pride and joy.
Best regards,
The Rausch Family


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