Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Apprentices Thank You

Thank you to Sam, Alex, Nathanael, Jack and Charlie! We had a bunch of big projects to get to this week and a lot of produce to harvest and we sure needed the help.

Monday we removed weeds from half the garden. In the afternoon we cared for the orchard and then went swimming at Clear Lake.

Tuesday morning we harvested cucumbers and zucchini and then worked some more on the orchard. Then the students worked with Donna doing various facilities projects including cleaning out the shed, improving the bunk beds, cleaning out the white van, and fixing the clothesline. Tuesday evening we all went the Pizza farm and enjoyed the best pizza of the summer.

Wednesday morning the boys harvested green beans, carrots and potatoes. In the afternoon they worked with Donna again and had their movie night.

Thursday is our harvest day and we had a big harvest! All is well.

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