Monday, August 8, 2011

Roofers are here!

The farmhouse roof was showing wear and tear, and then this winter when the ice dams arrived, there was water in the house. This week's weather looks to be a little cooler for the roofers to take off the old shingles, assess the damage, and then put on fresh waterproof flashing and shingles. Right now they are pounding away on the roof mere feet from my head as I sit here in the farmhouse office.
The old roof

Hey! Stop taking our picture! Can't you see we are working here?

We're glad to see the tough guard stuff go on.

our very own roll-off dumpster!
That bottom layer is to protect against ice dams
Loading the shingles.
There's the truck from the previous photo.

Finishing up on the porch.

The new shingles. The board protects the workers from falling off the steep roof.

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