Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Hey, guess what? We have a new blog for you to read! Ha! I bet you already knew that though, because you’re reading it right now. Today was the seventh day of the Farmstay, and we have already had a ton of fun. We don’t have enough time to tell you everything, because everyone has their own stories, but today I guess it is my story.
Today was a weekend, so we had a lot of free time. We spent the first part of our free time doing work, however I considered it fun work because it was singing and dancing. What we were doing was preparing for the French competition. The French competition is where Lake Country students learn a song written in French and perform it for judges. The song we are singing is called Danse by Gregoire. It might be a good song, but all of the Farmstay four students will tell you it is terrible because we are so bored of it!     
After we were done with French, some of us went outside to play a game called pro-ball. I like to explain pro-ball kind of like the Hunger Games (for those of you who have read the book). We have a circle that is kind of like the cornucopia and two balls which are like the weapons.  How you play is, you try to get one of the balls and throw it at another player, however you can only take two steps when you have the ball. If that player gets hit by the ball they have to sit down, and then they are out. The only ways you can get back in are, you can wait for the person who hit you to get hit, or you can try to tag one of the players running by, and then they are down and you are up. I always liked to try and tag the other players, but then people told me that I was leaping to get people and that my feet had to stay in the same place, so now its boring. J
If someone asked me what my favorite part of the Farmstay has been so far I would probably tell them that it was gallery night. Gallery night is kind of like a spontaneous talent show where you can do really funny things. What I did was I joined a skit with John, Ewan and Bronwyn. If you have ever been to Widji you probably know the skit as “the bean skit”. What happens is someone is making beans, another person comes up and eats the beans (after asking for some) then the person dies and the ambulance comes. It is pretty simple, but the funny part is you do it in different versions, like fast and slow. My favorite version was gangster version. So um yeah … (if you don’t know that’s how all the Junior high kids end their stories, so that’s how I am ending mine today. Bye, I miss you all J)          

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  1. Loved hearing from you--what a great series of stories!