Friday, April 27, 2012

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It’s day 12 of Farmstay 4. We’ve gone a full day without contact with civilization and two left till the Planting Festival. Anticipation is in the air as everyone is excited to see family and friends. Everything seems so rushed as people try to finish their Micro-Economy projects before Sunday.
            Today was like an average day on the Farmstay, we spent the morning working in our occupation groups. My occupation group (Andy’s) has been working furiously all week potting and labeling plants for the plant sale.
            We spent this afternoon working on our Micro-Economy projects. The products that everyone is making are finally looking almost finished. The products range from baked goods to candles to birdhouses.
            Today we also had Gallery Night, which is like a random talent show that has skits and stories mixed in. There also is Andy’s hat that is filled with a random thing you can do such as acting out something or telling a story. Gallery Night is just overall really fun.


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