Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shyamoli's Blog

            Saturday was a busy day for us all because it was the day before the Planting Festival. We all had to finish our micro -economy projects in time, so we used most of our free time doing that. In the morning, we got up, did farm chores and ate breakfast. Then we split up into our three teams; Farmstead, Prairie and Homestead. Andy gave each group an hour of his time in order to help us set up and orient us about the next day. The rest of the two hours were micro economy or free time. After lunch, which was do-it-yourself, most people continued to work on their projects. Others continued with their projects. It was hard, focused work, and you could see people really concentrating and working hard. In the end, everything was finished in time, looked good, and we were proud of our accomplishments. Over all it was a good, productive day, at the end of which we were all tired, but in a good way. We all really enjoyed working on our projects, and are looking forward to the Planting Festival!


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