Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fire Carpet

On Tuesday the workers from ‘Habitat Creations’ came to do the prairie burn. What this means is that they are setting our prairie land on fire this is about ten acres of the land school’s land. We do this burn for the prairie here every three years. The reason we do this is because there are invasive non-native plants. These invasive plants have much smaller roots while our native plants have much stronger and bigger roots. This allows us to burn off the non-native plants without fully killing the native plants because our roots here are deeper into the soil.
        As the prairie burn workers entered our driveway of the homestead all of our excitement went ten levels up. They drove out onto the prairie with their mini van and golf cart. We walked out onto the athletic field and watched them get their tools ready. Some of the workers were holding medal brooms while others were holding unique fire droppers. There also was a man driving a gulf cart that controlled the fire with water.
Once their equipment was ready they began. The first drop of fire onto the prairie pumped up our excitement super high. Even though it was a tiny plop of fire, it was so exciting because usually when you think of a fire on a prairie you think of it as being on accident, but this fire was on purpose and it felt different. It was a feeling of being naughty because we are burning down this still beautiful landscape.
As the burn continued on the prairie it started to look like a big carpet of fire. There were lines of fire everywhere and it was beautiful. Fire here, fire there, fire everywhere. Orange and yellow flying everywhere making brown smoke float miles above the clouds. It was a fire wonderland, as I would call it, the Fire Carpet.


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