Monday, April 23, 2012

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            It’s Monday again.  Everyone’s favorite day of the week.  Back to regular working school days.  The weekend was fun.  We had a lot of free time, mixed in with work for credit, where we get actual money for our work, mealtimes (breakfast, lunch, and dinner or brunch and dinner) which include cook crew, French Competition preparation, and tie-dye.
            Tie-dye was really fun.  We all picked out a t-shirt and folded it/scrunched it in any way, shape, or form.  We then tied it up in rubber bands and let it soak in a solution meant to help the dye sink in.  Twenty minutes later, we took it out and started squirting dye in it.  Some people used every color or tried to mix the colors, and some people stuck to a few, like me.  I only used green, blue, and black, and it turned out very well, I think.  A day later, we unfolded the shirts and washed them out.
            We also, like I said, worked on the French competition song.  Doing dances like that are all incredibly awkward, unless you get a genius idea or don’t get embarrassed, but we are making the most of it.  Also, the song, after hearing it fifty times, is getting annoying, as all songs should, but, overall, the whole weekend was super fun, and I can’t wait for the Planting Festival.

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