Thursday, April 26, 2012

Half Way There

            We are getting close to the day we have all been looking forward to, the Planting Festival!  Everyone is working as hard as they possibly can to finish their projects for the sale during the Festival.  Each person is working to make something, some are making shirts, bleached and tie-dyed, some are making walking sticks, others yummy baked goods such as brownies, cookies and cake.  People are also making birdhouses and bracelets.  Everyone is letting their creative side out and trying their best.  On Sunday, three days from now, we will be running activities that involve planting.
            Yesterday we went to the French competition, and we were awarded with a blue ribbon, the highest award!  We all came together on the farm stay and put our minds to it.  I do think, that if Jen hadn’t helped us, we would have never have been as good as we were.
            Now that it is the middle of the farm stay, we have all been getting more comfortable and we are getting to know each other a lot better.  We have all become very close friends, when we all began this farm stay, we barley knew each other, now we are like one big “family”. 
            Today we went and flew kites and found a huge box of kites and probably flew every one of them.  Some of us had never flown kites before, and it was fun even if it was difficult to keep it in the air.  We even had a kite flying on “auto pilot” according to Nat. 
            Each night, to end our day, we get to watch the beautiful sunset that is followed by a sky of clouds, a sight you just can’t get in the city.  It truly is a different experience here, another way of living.  We are all becoming closer to nature and learning that you can’t just get something at the store; you have to work for it.  This is a once in a lifetime experience, and none of us are going to waste it.   


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