Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Danse Competition


            Today was a big day.  It was the day of the French competition which we had been practicing the song “Danse” by Gregoire since the beginning of the Farm Stay.  We woke up at 7:00 and Donna’s group left for farm chores while Andy’s group set up breakfast for everyone else.  We had all previously made tie dye t-shirts to wear for the competition, so everyone had them on ready to go.  There was a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air this morning especially on the drive up to the cities. 

            When we finally arrived after what felt like a really long time in the car, everyone was amazed at the amount of people there were, and at the sheer size of the place.  Of course everyone greeted our fellow students from the Urban Campus with big bear hugs, and then rushed to the Jamba Juice.  After the initial excitement, we settled down and began to spread out a bit.  Some went to watch the small group performances; others simply went down to the food court.

            Finally, it was time for the large group performances.  The first group was group C from the urban campus and they did a song called “Le Ragga Des Pingouins” by Pigloo.  They did very well and it was fun to watch their danse.  The next group was group B and they performed a song called “La Seine” by Vanessa Paradis.  They had some really amazing choreography.  Then it was group A, who performed a song called “Le roi du monde” which was from a play.  They had some really cool choreography as well.  Finally it was our turn.  We were all a little nervous but overall it went well.  We had a few slip ups, but we ended up getting a blue medal!  We were all very proud and relieved (and maybe a bit sad) that it was over.  Overall, it was a great day!

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