Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21st - nest boxes and the last batch of syrup of the year

By Muriel
            So far, there have not been so many blog posts checked off of our sign off sheet and I thought that maybe I should just do mine and get it out of the way; even though I’m doing it a day late. We’ll just pretend that I’m writing this yesterday.
            Today was extremely pretty—everything has started to bud and spring is in the air. It hit 70 degrees today, which put everyone in a good mood and allowed us to do the activities that are no fun in the cold; like checking on our designated bird nests. My nest is located on the outside of the pine forest next to Lucia’s, which we had a pretty hard time locating. But, when we did, we were disappointed to see that BOTH were empty.
             After checking our nests, we had Occupations. I’m in Garden and Greenhouse with Andy, and we were working on moving the plant sale items from the big greenhouse to allow more space for more plants. Max and I were working on cleaning out the little greenhouse behind the farmhouse and filling it with a bunch of aspiring onion plants. After both Occupation groups were finished with their work, we headed out with our mentor groups for lunch and finishing the last batch of maple syrup/sap for this season. When we returned, we all gathered in the classroom for a council meeting; which ended in a game of soccer on the A-field ;).

             Overall, today was a beautiful day that went extremely well. Sorry—that was a weird sentence but I’m keeping it because I don’t have anything better to say. ANYway, the Farm Stay is off to a great start and I have nothing less to say.

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