Tuesday, April 22, 2014

French Competition

Today the Junior High participated in a French competition. Every year we choose songs plays and poems to perform for judges at the U of M. Farm Stay 4 always does a song and this year it was Papoutai, we had been preparing it for the last month and yet still last Tuesday the 15th we were almost nowhere with the choreography. Through lots of help from Jen and almost six hours of working on the song, we finally had it down perfectly or at least as well as we could get it.
 This morning at 9 o'clock am we drove back to the Cities for the competition. After getting together with our friends, watching their performances and having some Starbucks it was finally our turn. We were nervous and hoped we were well enough prepared. As we stood there on the stage I felt the anxiety in my body, but then we started and had a lot of fun. After we got back to the farm we found out what score we got, and despite our worry we got a perfect score. It showed us that we could do anything once we put our minds to it, even if we had only a week.

by Kalina

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