Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday April 29th

Tuesday, April 29th was the much-anticipated day of the Junior High visit. This day was especially grand because our friends and comrades came out to this place of wonder to both see the Farm Stay students and also work on the farm. Some projects that happened were the last plants were transplanted into their plant pots for the Plant Sale; setting up the electric fence so that the llamas Llarry and Precious and the sheep Olive, Lily, Blue and Big Brown could graze and be merry prancing around the meadow behind the Red Barn; and probably some other things that I cannot remember at this time. After that, we went back to the Homestead because it was raining and cold, even though we have struggled through much worse than a little drizzle and the slightest chill. We were going to watch a documentary about frack sands, but we can’t stream movies very well out here, so we decided to run around outside or stay inside and talk for thirty minutes. Cheers!


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