Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Blog

by Indi
Today it is Easter. We had lots of fun running around outside with each other and looking for Easter eggs. It is our seventh day of Farm Stay and everyone is settled in and having a great time. We started our day off with sleeping in and having a late breakfast, which was good for everyone because we had been getting up so early during the week.
It is Sunday so we do not have anything to do, so we had free time all day. People where very happy that it was Easter because a group of people had brought plastic eggs with them so that we could have an Easter egg hunt. We needed someone to hide the eggs so we asked for a volunteer to do it. One hand shot up and he was chosen to be the “Easter bunny”. In order for him to hide the eggs we needed everyone else to leave, people went on hikes all around the property and took some really great photos and had an awesome time.
My friends and I went a very long hike and saw many different animals like deer, rabbits and birds. We went quite a long way and got back just in time to join in on the hunt for the eggs. The eggs had been hidden in obvious and funny places but were still difficult to find. There were delicious jellybeans in the plastic eggs that everyone loved and ate straight away. We found as many eggs as we could but we were still missing one until a few hours after we were done with the hunt.
The rest of the day was also really fun and we ate a lot of candy and talked and we had an awesome water fight and we might have broken a plastic pitcher… We also played soccer in the warm sun, which was really fun and beautiful. That night we had study hall and went to bead early to prepare for the week to come. I’m glad that we had such a fun day with each other and are so comfortable as a group now. I will remember this day for the rest of m life.

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