Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Festival

by Alex
April 27th was the Spring Festival; though the weather was gloomy a lot of people still came out to help with the work. A lot of progress was made on the new Chicken Coop and many plants and vegetables were planted in the Greenhouse. All the students staying at the Land School sold their baked goods and crafts, and though there wasn’t a great turn out everyone sold reasonably well. Work was also done in the Hoop House and in the basement of the Homestead sorting wool. The potluck went very smoothly and everyone brought delicious food for the meal. After lunch was over many people stayed in the Homestead and bought delicious baked goods like brownies but a few went outside to the A-field or went on a hike. I myself was on clean-up so I observed the activities inside; everyone seemed very happy and upbeat even though the weather wasn’t the best.
            After everyone had purchased brownies they decided to start heading home. After everyone had left and the clean up was finished the group went bowling and had pizza. The best bowler was Alex with a high score of 127, next was a tie between Indigo and Walker, a score of 126. In honor of poetry month:

A Country Path in Spring
By Mark R Slaughter
The path of mossy ground nestled
In between maternal hedgerows,
That overgrew atop, dimming down

The brilliance of the day.

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