Thursday, April 24, 2014

Poem in Your Pocket Day

24th April

A Farm Stay bed

Staying on the bottom bunk,
Staring sleeplessly at the frame all night,
The wood dark and detailed,
Fine as a small lizards tail,
Peering out the small window,
Watching the bloated bleached moon.
- Rachel

            On the 24th of April it was poem in your pocket day. Poem in your pocket day is a day where you discover a poem you like, you read it to as many people as you can and have them sign a sheet where thy have to write there name the location and a comment on the poem. People had a good time and got to check in with Sara and learn a lot of poems. - Max

Uncaring fate

Slender beams of moonlight,
Light this darkened prison,
As I kneel,
Always a slave,
Always isolated,
Frozen here,

Tortured shadows crafted,
In panes of glass,
As dust floats in the air,
Forming an image in my mind,
Penetrating my darkened skin.

Tears on my face.

I raise my head,
Now crying out for this uncaring fate.

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