Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sinking in a Storm of Darkness

            When Sara Nelson came up last Thursday we were given a poetry assignment to work on. I have been playing around with it, and I am still revising this poem, but these are the results so far.

Sinking in a Storm of Darkness

The oars on the boat rowed
as if they were swimming.
I stared at the water
as it rippled restlessly.
I watched the reflection
of clouds the on the water.
Slowly, the darkness crept up
like a lion stalking its prey.
The wind blew against my back,
sending a chill down my spine.
The leaves fell slowly down
onto the frosty fall ground.
The thin ice spread on the shore
like muscles stretched taut over bone.
The wind grew stronger, the oars
The water became a storm in itself,
rocking the boat,
back and forth.
A flash of lightning, followed by a low grumble
threw the boat,
causing it to slam down
on the concrete-like water.
The boat was slowly filling,
slowly sinking with the weight
of the dark, heavy water.

Then, it all stopped.

All I could see was blue, red,
then black.
The water surrounding me,
forcing itself into my mouth,
throat, then lungs.
Grabbing at my body
invading my mind.

Now all was black.
Nothing was the same,
now that it was dark.
I was being pulled away,
not from the water,
from myself.
The pain was unbearable,
slowly getting stronger.
My eyes were closing.
As they did, I thought
“If I should wake before I die,

kill me.”

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