Saturday, March 24, 2012

Class D Small Group Overnight

Maple Tapping: 

The  first step is…

1. Tap the spiles in the tree.
2. You put a bag on the tree.

3. You wait a few days.

4. You collect the sap.

5. You boil it.

by Abbe


My visit to the Land School was extremely fun but would not have been the same with out the s’mores. Although everyone burnt their first marshmallow, we all agreed that they tasted great! We only got two marshmallows, but we thought it was really fun to roast them, so we roasted sticks instead. While we were eating our s’mores, we told stories about injuries and scars. After that we went on our night hike, and Molly wrote about that.

- Holden

The night hike
By Molly
My friends and I went on a night hike.
I had a hat that had ears on it.
It looked like a bear in the shadows.
So one of my friends thought I was a bear.
My friend and I were trying to get Katie to turn on her flashlight.
It was fun, freaky, and weird.



When we went down to the bird blind  there were lots of birds chirping. When we were actually in the shed, there were no birds on the feeders. After waiting for a while, we saw a Goldfinch. We waited a while again before we saw another Goldfinch. When we were silent for ten  minutes, we saw eight more Goldfinches. Now there were eight finches on the ground, and two on one of the bird feeders. We were tired of being there, so we went back to the homestead.


Pure Maple Candy.  
By Rylan

1.Heat up maple syrup to 235 degrees F. Take off heat and let cool to 175 degrees F.
2.Stir for five min. or until syrup color is lighter and mixture is thick and creamy.
3.Pour into mold and let cool.


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