Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday March 9th

            Today was March 9th, A Friday. This was no normal Friday however. This was the day before the Pancake Breakfast. We were all up at the regular time, and we followed a regular schedule, consisting of math and occupations. Andy’s group was to clear a portion of the red barn, a continuation of what they did the day before. Donna’s group made lunch. Then, after a nice lunch of leftovers, we got hyped up on Micro Economy. Everyone was rushing around, the ovens were on for pretty much the whole afternoon. I was making photo cards, which meant cutting photos and pasting them to cardstock. It didn’t take TOO much time. Most others were baking or making candles, printing out pictures for magnets or oiling down cutting boards. Coincidentally, the Micro Economy period was shortened to only an hour and a half, so naturally, the air was swimming with anticipation and rush. I think this was the only time that we actually buckled down and got to work, without socializing. Within minutes of the period, there were no sounds other than the baking of cookies or printing of paper. Finally, an hour and a half later, we rushed to finish what we hadn’t before. Baked goods were stored in the freezer, cutting boards were set to dry, and before you knew it, the once bustling workspace was now just a regular basement and dining area. We all settled down for a bit before a few people went to do last minute-last minute things. We then started a somewhat hectic gallery night, where impressions were made, stories were told, and a sassy yoga teacher/ disco dancer performed. The day was probably most hectic, but we had yet to complete the ultimate task of the pancake breakfast! The group was very excited, and our nervous energy must have gotten the better of us. As we readied for bed, a special appearance by Kelly Clarkson and a workout session rewarded us for our hard work. 


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