Friday, March 2, 2012

First Friday

Today was our first Friday on the Farm Stay. We had our community meeting and lunch with Dave.  We worked on our Micro Economy projects and even had thirty minutes to play lacrosse which turned into no sticks, no ball, all out tackle. We then had our Deep Clean time where we cleaned our designated area VERY well.  We now are enjoying a be-a-utiful sunset while some of us prepare our dinner, which is make-your-own-pizza. Tonight is Gallery Night and I am excited to see everyone’s talents. I am also going to perform and I can’t wait!
            Today was very fun and cannot wait for tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Jo - we can't wait to see you on Saturday! Looking forward to gobbling pancakes, fueling the micro-economy and hearing tales from Farmstay #3. Keep blogging and posting photos. Xo Mom