Saturday, March 3, 2012

Traditional Skills Saturday

Our first Saturday started out with all of us packed into two vans. We were headed to the Traditional Skills Event. The Traditional Skills Event is an event to teach people how to live “once the oil runs out” as Sadie says. There were many different activities that you could attend, but I chose to go to soap making, how to raise your backyard chicken and candle making. I would explain to you what the three activities were about, but the title is pretty explanatory. I really enjoyed all the activities and really wish that I could come next year! 
After I did soap making and how to raise your backyard chickens, it was time to have lunch at the event. For lunch, there was a chili cook off and we all got to pick the best tasting chili. We brought the cornbread. 
After the event, we came back to the homestead to do chores and to cook dinner. For dinner we had spaghetti. We then cleaned up and watched the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (BEST MOVIE EVER) which is the best movie ever if you could not tell! That is a short (very short) summary of what we did on Saturday!


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