Monday, March 12, 2012

Monochromatic Monday

By Nuria

The day began bright and early, and by 7:45 everyone was already eating breakfast. In the morning it is usually pretty silent, with everyone making their breakfast and keeping to him or herself. Throughout the day that is not true though. We had one hour of math, which was spent working on math packets that were assigned at the beginning of the Farm Stay. Next was the morning meeting, where all announcements are made, along with the daily weather report and headlines, which is a chance for us to share with each other what is going currently going on in the world. We then split into two Occupation groups, Andy’s and Donna’s. One group does community work, where they make lunch for the whole group, while the other group does their Occupation. I am in Donna’s, which is Facilities, and we worked on putting plastic on and building a door for the greenhouse. We then came back to the Homestead and enjoyed a delicious meal consisting of potato leek soup. Then we shifted gears, and had our community meeting, where we discuss issues that have appeared, and any notes about the pancake breakfast. After, we worked on Micro- Eco, where we counted how much money we earned selling our crafts and bake goods and the pancake breakfast. Then it was time for meditation/naps with Donna! We listened to this cd, where a man was telling a soothing story, and many people fell asleep, including myself. Then it was time for daily chores, cook crew followed. After our delicious meal of spaghetti, it was time for study hall, which went smoothly and ended up being pretty productive. The evening meeting followed, where Adhina and Anna told a funny improvisation story, and then it was time to say goodnight and get ready for bed. Sweet dreams!

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