Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last Full Day

By Emerson

I woke up at 7:25 I had farm chores in 5 MINUTES! AAAAAHHHHH! RUN! GET UP ADHINA! GET UP! Then I quietly, or what I thought was quiet, threw on some jeans and ran to go and wake up Núria and Josie. When they were ready, we stepped outside into the crisp morning air. There was frost under the grass and I could hear the slight crunch as I walked on it. When Adhina, Núria, Josie and I arrived at the red barn, we split up and did our separate jobs. Josie and I were on chicken duty so we had to feed them and give them water. 
This morning we had Math and everyone was desperately trying to finish up their Math packets. After Math we had Occupations, Andy’s group worked on making signs for the red barn, and Donna’s group made lunch.  After we ate lunch, we had C.E./P.E. (C.E. stands for creative expression).  For C.E./P.E. we walked to the Climbing Tree on the Sleeping Woods Trail. Then we had Science and we learned about spring frogs and we went to the bird blind but we only saw 3 species! 
Today at free time was probably the most fun free time I have ever had. Josie, Núria, Adhina, Yonci, Anna and I all went out in the cornfield without socks on and it was SUPER muddy. We had races in the mud and it was really fun. 

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