Saturday, March 10, 2012

The pancake breakfast blog

By Sam

Yes you heard that right, THE blog. Let it be known that this event was student and student alone enabled.

So there I was waking at 6:30 for the simple process of taking a shower. As I took it I noticed that I was tense; standing there I thought over the things to come. Finally I decide to turn the water cold and immediately I feel better. Ok well, its still early and I can do some things that might allow me to ease myself further. Drawing, no.  A book, yes that is it, no doubt I need to read a book. The Hunger Games, though I read it already, is just sitting there and so I indulge myself. Oh my 7:00 already! I think of getting breakfast, then I realize that if I were to consume anything while waiting or before my family gets here then I would surely be sick. Oh wait! I can help Sophia finish the menu and the slips for the extra treats. Oh well, I guess that I can still do something, oh wait! The coffee, the decaf coffee, I need to brew the coffee.  I forgot about the whole machine and how to operate it. And it is time for the breakfast, people are arriving and what am I going to do?? Well the rest those of you who came know what happened so that’s that, and don’t forget that if you did not come to this year’s breakfast, you can come to next year’s.

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