Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photos from Class D Small Group Overnight

Crocuses in front of the farmhouse

Cow jawbone found by maple trees
Removing a small tap from a tree that had stopped flowing
Drilling a bigger hole to renew the tap hole
Installing the new tap

Put the bag back on the new tap
Watching for the first drop
Here it comes!
Time to pour the sap into the buckets

Collecting Sap

Collecting sap
Now time to boil the sap... and boil it more....and boil it more
Until we filter it 
And bottle it - today's syrup is darker than the first batch!

Time for a fire
Roasting sticks

Hepatica... the first woodland wildflower of the year

Showing off our candles




Getting ready to go birdwatching

In the bird blind
The goldfinches

LLarry the llama

Animal Chores
Collecting eggs

Free time in the red barn

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