Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 30th

A Farmstay night
Staying on the bottom bunk
Staring sleeplessly at the frame all night
The wood dark and detailed
As fine as sugar like sand
Peering out the  small window
Watching the bloated pale tired moon
- Rachel

Today is the second to the last day. I am actually very sad but also happy because my birthday is in a few days. When I got here I thought that I would be homesick, but I really haven’t been.
Today we had math and science class/work time. We then had Occupations, and Sophia and I finished our wall project (painting walls and putting the Farm Stay pictures on the wall.)
We had chili and potatoes for lunch. And then had CE/PE (creative expression and physical education). We were playing soccer, but then everyone ran away. We will have daily chores and dinner set up and then dinner, of course. We will have work time and then do our last closing.
I am so happy that I came here, but more sad that it is over. But on the bright side I get to come back next year. 

- Rachel