Wednesday, June 15, 2016

E2 Farm Camp June 14 - 18, 2016

by Mary

Day 1:

Today, I did a few things in the morning. Here they are:
Riding in the van 
Having lunch at the tree-house
This afternoon, we had a garden tour. It was really cool seeing all of those plants. After the garden tour was over, Laura showed us that there were baby chicks in the coop! They were so cute! After the garden tour, we had some free-time. For free time, I decided to go see the chicks. After I left the chicken coop, it was about dinner-time. We had dinner. We didn’t really do much after dinner.

Day 2:

This morning, I woke up pretty late. I had granola and half of an english muffin for breakfast. After breakfast, we did stewardship. We had a choice of doing gardening and stuff like that with Laura or working on the pizza oven with Donna. I chose to work on the pizza oven with Donna, and I’m so glad that I did. I had so much fun putting down the bricks where we would stick them, then we realized that we didn’t have enough bricks! Although it was hard carrying the wood that was on top of the bricks, I had a lot of fun. We had lunch, and then we did bird house painting. We didn't really paint houses, but we did coat them in some sealant. After we painted the bird houses, we went on a hike to do earth art.  I had a lot of fun on the hike. We did some earth art,  Rowan and Donna ate worms, it was so much fun. After the hike we had dinner. After dinner we went on an "Evaning"-hike - Eva was the leader - to the Tree of Life and then came back to the homestead and went to bed. 

Day 3:

Today I woke up at the same time as everyone in my room did. We all got dressed, and went to breakfast. After breakfast we did stewardship. I did the pizza oven again. We made some mortar. It was really fun. After stewardship, we had lunch. Lunch was really good. After lunch, we tie dyed t-shirts. We worked really hard on them. After tie dying, we did some yard games. For the yard games, we played thicket. There were a lot of cool places where we did it. I was the last thicket master because I had an amazing hiding spot: under the bridge. The thicket master then was standing right by the bridge. I got the thicket master, and I was it. I had so much fun. “THICKET!” Just kidding. After yard games, we had dinner. After dinner, we watched a movie. The movie that we watched was “The Last Mimzy.” If I had to rate the movie 1-10, I would choose 9.5, because I really liked it. After the movie we went to bed.

Day 4:

Today I woke up really late. If you would like to know how late, it was when the breakfast call was. Finally, I woke up, and got out of bed. I went to breakfast in my PJs. After breakfast, we had stewardship. Instead of doing the pizza oven with Donna, I decided to work with Laura. It was really fun. I liked picking the lemon balm. After stewardship, we had lunch. After lunch, we did archery. It was really fun. I almost got a bull’s eye! It was so fun! After archery we had to do a deep-clean. After the deep-clean, we went swimming. It was so much fun! It was fun watching Rowan pretend to hitch-hike. After dinner and swimming, we had a “camp fire.” Which actually was watching a video of a fireplace. It was really fun.

Day 5:
Today I was the first one awake in my room. That was good because I really needed to pack. I got dressed, and had breakfast. Nothing much happened after that, except for the pizza party...


Walking Precious.
by Rowan

When i was down by the animal pen we were hanging out with Precious. We were doing “click and reward” training while Katie told us about Precious. She told us how people took Precious for walks. So we thought that would be fun so we took her out into the pasture. Since Llarry (the llama) is deaf, he stepped in front of the leash. After we got Precious past she spit on Llarry a couple times. Then Katie told us how they walked Precious to the farmstead, so we snuck up on the dinner prep group. They were so happy to see her. Then we took her onto the road. Some dude drove by on his fourwheeler and i knew he was thinking to himself. ‘WEIRDOS.’ then we brought her back to the barn. And then me, Helen, and Katie. Were the first people in about four years to walk Precious.

by Helen

These are some of my favorite things to do at the land school .
1. Feed the chicks
2. Walk a lama
3. Go to the tree house 
4. Make bread dough 
5. Garden
6. Trey new plants 
7. Take hikes 
8. Tie die 
9. And paint bird houses 

by Cooper

This camp is fun! You get to go to the red barn and see the animals, if you’re here at the right time of year you can see and hold the baby chicks, you get to dye shirts, there is a campfire and you get to eat s’mors!!!!

by Saul

One day we were hiking and trying to make earth art. On the way there we saw some orange mushrooms. I thought that was very cool because I've never seen them or known that there was an orange mushroom. We also had some strawberries on the way there. When we started making earth art, I thought Donna's earth art was cool. Her's was made out of rocks. I also thought Helen's was good because at first it looked like an animal when she started.  

by Eva

The weeping cries
Of the dead wind,

The light of the 
Fireflies at night,

The beautiful birds
Chirping at six,




Ready for a new day.