Saturday, October 24, 2015

Harvest Baskets

This past Thursday marked the end of this year's vegetable market season. Thank you all for your support and love of the Land School and its many fruits.

We are now taking orders for our annual Harvest Baskets. A Harvest Basket is a bushel basket full of goodies! The baskets include winter squash, garlic, onions, shallots and brussels sprouts (all from the Land School), maple syrup (bottled by Lake Country students at the nearby farm of Land School friends), and Wisconsin cheeses (from our local dairy store, Bolen Vale).

Cost is $50. Baskets will be available for pick-up in the Lake Country parking lot on Thursday, November 19, from 4 - 5:30pm.

If you would like to order a basket, please send an email to, and give money to Brooks, in the office.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Farm Stay 1

Spooktacular Event Schedule!
Saturday, October 24th, 2015, 4-8pm

4 - 5:30
     Markets (Land School produce, student products and food)
     Face Painting
     Pumpkin Carving
     Find the Eyeball!
     Guided ¨Haunted¨ Hikes (for lower Elementary/CH; parents, please accompany
      your children)

5:30 - 6:30
     Baked goods available for purchase

6:30 - 8
     Markets (Land School produce, student products and food)
     Guided Haunted Hikes (for Elementary and JH students and adults)
     Campfire w/s’mores

by Aidan
October 13

This was the first day of the farm stay. For all of the seventh graders and new eighth graders this was very fun as well as confusing. The returning eighth graders really helped us stay with everyone else. We went on hikes around the perimeter of the farm to refresh our memory and even show others for the first time. Over all it was a great orientation day that will make sure we don’t screw up in the future.

by Thea
October 15

On Saturday October 24th from 4:00pm-8:00pm the Land School is hosting our annual “spooktacular” event! This will be a fun and Halloween-y event open to all locals and Lake Country School family and friends. The students staying on the farm this month will be selling different types of food and crafts ranging from brownies, cheese curds and rice crispy bars to candles, coasters and warm fleece blankets. There will also be all types of events like a haunted hike in the woods and pumpkin carving. We are also hoping that you can bring a dish for our potluck because that will be our dinner for the evening, but we do ask that that dish is nut-free and isn’t a dessert. We hope to see you there!

by Holden
October 18

We have had some time to get used to life here on farmstay. Our group has learned how to work together and we have been able to find our peers strengths and help them with their weaknesses. We are working in groups to make great quality and variety of micro economy projects. As a group we are staying on top of our work very well, both for the farm and for school.

We are also doing lots of fun activities like capture the flag and ultimate Frisbee. All together the beginning of this farmstay has gone very well.

by Sophia
October 19

Today on farmstay 1 we are preparing for our event called the Spooktacular.  We have been settling in on farmstay and some would say it is starting to feel like an extension to our homes. 

For work we have: micro-economy, a science project (many of us are either studying weather at the Land School, while some of us are working with the animals or going out to the bird blind), occupation work (where if you are in the food group you are doing a small project on food. For example, some of us are comparing how much sugar intake has increased in certain years until now and making a graph). We also have our English books that we started when we were at the urban campus, either: Blood on the River or The Scarlet Letter.

Today we had students from Class E come and visit us at the Land School and they made apple cider, and shared with us!

All of the Farmstay students are looking forward to the visit from our Junior High classmates tomorrow!

by Lily
October 20

Today was day nine. It was the day that the whole Junior High came to visit us on Farmstay 1. Personally, I was very excited for this event; the Junior High coming meant that I got to see my sister and a lot of other friends that I missed. But, for others there were a lot of mixed feelings. Now you might think that that sounds crazy, I mean why would anyone not be excited to see old friends? But when you spend so much time being in a group of 12-13 you get used to being in small groups, and it is kind of hard to interact with a group of about 40 people. But by the end everyone got to see their friends from school, say goodbye to them, and get back into the natural rhythm of Farmstay. During their visit we got put in groups to work in. In the end, it was a great visit, we got a lot of work done, and I am excited to hopefully see a few of them on Saturday for the Spooktacular.

October 24

Today was the day of the Spooktacular. It was very exciting and everyone had lots of fun. People were selling a variety of different products, from candles and tie-dye shirts, to coasters and bird whistles, along with many baked goods. I enjoyed seeing all of my family that came to the event. For activities we had pumpkin carving and painting, "find the eyeball", face painting, and a haunted hike. It was very exciting and everyone enjoyed it.