Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Today we finished our occupations. Occupations are where we split the Farm Stay into two groups and we work or learn about a part of the land school or its history. This year my group worked on facilities, where we work to fix the homestead.
We each chose an individual project, some people worked on finding the mysterious sewage smell, other people worked on putting a vent into our pantry in the basement and fix a patch in the wall where other people had previously tried to put the vent in. Another person fixed a door in the boys wing and the girls wing so that the doors can actually close. Another person fixed the ping-pong table and the really messed up foosball table. I worked on pulling all of the old caulk out of the cracks in the dinning room floor and getting all the dirt out. Then I put some new caulk into the cracks.
We also chose a group project in which all of us work on together. This year we all pitched in to frame pictures of the past Residencies and Farm Stays. This took more time than we thought because we had to find all the pictures then find which Residency it was and who the people in the pictures were. Finally we hung them on the walls.
I think it is important to have us do these jobs because it shows us a different part of going on a Farm Stay because the original thought is, oh no home work, and we get a lot of free time. But that’s not true; we do have homework and we actually have a longer school day the people at the Urban Campus (Lake Country School). Now I’m making Farm Stay sound not fun. It’s actually really great!       


Class F Students' Photo Hike

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Today was the Lake Country Land School Pancake Breakfast. 
I have some photos to sum up the day. 
- Lucas
  Jack seeing his mom for the first time in two weeks.
     Josie's mom showing off her new hair.
        Jo hard at work!
Some great food ready to be eaten!
Great cookies and duct tape wallets for sale!
Justine at work!
Welcome to the Lake Country Land School Pancake Breakfast!
Lucia serving costumers!
  Nice food!
Katie ready for the pancake breakfast!

Andy ready for the pancake breakfast!

Joanna and Justine working hard.

Anne coming in for the pancake breakfast.

Cutting boards sold well today.

Great cupcakes sold today.

Donna ready in the morning.

Nice t-shirts today.

Cam being Cam.

Craft table was busy today.

-farm stay 3