Monday, September 26, 2016

September's Monday Melodies

by Laura

September 26, 2016

This Week's Projected Harvest: 

Brussels Sprouts
Daikon Radish
Japanese Turnips

Peppers: Red and Orange Bell, selection of hot peppers


Winter Squash

Tuesday's Community Workday, September 27:  

For the next two weeks, the Land School markets will be on Thursdays - September 29 and October 6 - at the usual 4-6pm time. For this week's Tuesday community workday, we will be busy harvesting winter squash and transporting it into the greenhouse to cure. As always, please be in touch if you have any question or would like to join us for the day: 715.265.4608. We would love to have you here!

Market Credits:

If you are interested in using the credit system at the Land School markets, please send a check (for an amount of your choosing) to the office (attention to Brooks) at the urban campus. The credit system is simply a way to facilitate your market experience by eliminating the need to remember cash. Every Lake Country family has the option of buying market credits, giving them a total sum from which to subtract as they shop at each week's produce market. 

Goldenrod 9.25.2016
Japanese Indigo 9.22.2016

The ache of leaving home
September 5, 2016

life stretches
not without leaving what we once knew as the boundaries of our home.
three words reach me when others drift away. 
expansiveness, openness, acceptance.
dark and rainy, through closed windows rain washed down my face
for the corn and the friends and the trees I am leaving.
for only two weeks I am leaving, and I think
of how many people must leave against their choosing
of how many people must leave without returning
with the silent fervent hope that home is the vessel we carry inside
and plant in the ground wherever we land
for however long we land
with whomever we have surrounding us.
the grief is not merely sadness. 
it is something enormous
that stirs awake the voice that remembers.
how grateful I am to have something somewhere someone to miss. 
how grateful I am to long for more. 


I depart Tuesday morning, with much gratitude and excitement, as part of this year's Junior High Odyssey South. We gathered for a trip orientation this past Friday on the banks of the great Mississippi river in anticipation of our upcoming journey together down her powerfully flowing waters. I hope to update you with words and photos along the way! Expect to find harvest lists here and beautiful food and flowers at the weekly market while I am away. 

Fermenting hot peppers; fermenting carrots and kohlrabi; canned enchilada sauce 9.4.2016 
The compost heap has been home to exuberant pumpkins and corn 9.3.2016
Sweet little sunflowers 9.2.2016
A family of rutabaga 9.1.2016
Llarry! 8.31.2016