Friday, September 29, 2017

Squash Harvest with Class F


Yesterday we went out to the big field to harvest the winter squash. The trip started with a short hayride which ended up at the far end of the squash patch. Since August I have been watching that patch and wondering how many squash were out there. There were many weeds that had grown up over the summer and we could only see a few squash poking through here and there. But we knew they were in there, so we optimistically brought every harvest tub that we have out to the field. We armed the Class F 1st and 2nd years with pruners and loppers and sent them out to fill the harvest tubs. One squash after another was harvested and the crates slowly filled. We had a lull in the middle of the harvest, when pretty much everyone realized that this was hard work and they were tired and needed a water break. But then it was beautiful to see the renewed effort and final push to get the squash harvested. One for all and all for one.

Thank you Class F! You will be able to purchase delicata and kabocha squash at the upcoming Harvest Festival on Oct 7th.