Sunday, April 19, 2015

Farmstay 4, April 13-30, 2015

by Jacob
 April 13

Today there the first day of the farm stay. There was a great amount of orientation that took place. We went around the land school which was a nice way to get the place back in to our head. This farm stay is already so much fun I am so excited for the rest of the trip.

An Original Poem
by Brooklyn 

The little toy carousel left for me. Orange 
pill bottles unhidden on each shelf. An
oxygen tank as heavy as the life it provides, cattails 
from her golden fields. Picture
frames nailed upon the wall like a story book with only good things told, the
memories she chose to hold on to, chess 
pieces and cards scattered with care, the 
dear old man who wasn’t there. Jewelry; treasures from a pirate ship. Fairies
dancing all around the dearest one with broken wings,
and a tired yet determined heart.

Farmstay Pictures
by Iris
April 19

Hi, it's Iris, and this is my blog entry. Here are some of 
the pictures that I have so far... I hope you enjoy them!

Eva playing Badminton. 

The sunsets at the LS have been amazing!!

A little white flower I saw on our photo hike.

A branch with thorns on it that I also saw on our photo hike. 

Ko and Eva jumping.

Another sunset picture.

Ko playing Badminton.

A frog I saw on our photo hike.

The skull garden.


This picture is from when Sara Nelson, our English teacher, came to the 
LS with her two dogs. They were really cute and fun to photograph. 

So far, Farmstay has been really fun. It's been great getting to 
know everyone better and I am super excited for the rest of FS!

Our Crazy Camping Experience
by TeDabi 
April 19th

Last night on Saturday April 18th we went outside to camp in the field. The girls wisely set-up their tents while there was still daylight outside, but unfortunately us boys did not. So, at about 9:30 after Gallery Night (which is basically a talent show) we went into the homestead, brushed our teeth, suited up for a dark, cold night, and grabbed a whole bunch of blankets. 

Out at the A-field chaos was the order of the day. There were about 3 of us boys making an honest effort in setting up our tent, while the remainder of the boys messed around with the girls. So, after I don’t know how much time, we finally got our tent up with Katie’s help, only to realize that our rain fly was not put on correctly as to protect the whole tent from the rain. Understandably though, at 10:30 at night as it’s beginning to drizzle, you’re not so picky about where you’re sleeping, just that you’re sleeping. 

So we got into our tent and got ourselves situated, despite our unreliable rain fly. After messing around in our tent awhile we finally went to sleep all in one big row, the six of us. At 12:30 in the morning we awoke to complaints from Simon and Ben who unlucky for them were sleeping in the exact area that the rain fly did not cover. For Ben and Simon being soaked in rainwater, that was the last straw. They gathered their things and left for the homestead. We were down to 4 very tired boys who soon drifted off into a cold, fitful sleep. 

Throughout the night we continued to wake up numerous times. Either because of the rain water in our tent, the seeping cold, or our noisy, flapping tent in the strong wind, restful sleep eluded us all. Every time we awoke, we’d just pull our blankets closer around each other, get comfortable and try to once again, fall asleep.  

Finally, at 7 A.M. we woke up tired and crabby. Our camping trip had not gone exactly as planned…

Self Image (Morning Journal)
April 20

I think that self-image is something that we, especially in the junior high to high school age, but really throughout our whole lives struggle with a lot. Once I start looking, I notice many, many people who have put on or made for themselves a very different image then their “actual selves” mostly to fit in or not be judged. I think it often makes people much less pleasant to be around because they have discarded their own values for a new set. I find it hard to remember that the way people act sometimes doesn’t necessarily showcase what that person actually thinks and often is a result of something else going on or social pressures, etc. Talking to people alone who I don’t like in a group often gives me a new view because they usually have lots of interesting things to say and a view on the world that I wouldn’t expect, as well as being very friendly and kind when in a group they are mean. It’s even harder to remember because of the groups we (including myself) put people into and then stereotype to all be the same. I try not to judge people by what they may seem like on the outside but it is very difficult. I also try to be myself and live by my values, knowing that I will change and naturally not everyone is going to like me, and that’s okay. 

Indi’s Blog

The beauty in death

The beauty in death
Blood that runs cold,
Slowly drifting away.

Body parts weak,
Eyelids that creak,
Moving Into
An eternal sleep.


Steep dark street

The walk down the street was lonely and quiet
One foot
Followed another
As I took my final steps.
Into a sea of desperation,
littered with garbage and toxic waste.
flaming stories full of lies,
And the memory of truthful words
That are now only echoes,
Constantly ringing in my ears.
But the worst part,
Was the guilt,
Which had taken the form of weights,
Wrapped around my legs.
I remember some parts of me yelling and screaming,
But the pull to continue was too strong
And my legs were too weak,
So I continued my walk down the steep dark street.

by Simon
April 22

In the last unit of the year in English we focus mainly on poetry. We are writing a lot of poems and we are learning about both the art and history of poetry. On Farmstay we are not getting many lessons on poetry, but we are still writing lots of poems while we are up here. Here is a short poem that I wrote called, “The Woods.”

The cold breeze chills my skin
While the sun sets over the horizon 
Heat vanishing.
Surrounding me the branches tangle out from the trees
Weaving and overlapping.
Silence fills the air 
Only to be broken by the song of the sparrow.

by Eamonn
April 23

This morning we had occupations. There are many great projects going on between the Facilities occupation and the Garden and Greenhouse occupation, such as herb gardens and painting the outhouse.  

Sara Nelson the English teacher also paid the Farmstay 4 students a visit to check in about their poetry and their general Farmstay experience.  

Sadly, farmstay 4 is close to it’s last week. The days are definitely beginning to go by faster now that everyone is on board with the routine.  

Today we also had an intense game of ultimate Frisbee, which ended with many tired students! 

We are currently working very hard in preparations for the spring festival, which takes place this Sunday the 26th.

by Booth
April 24

To day was overcast, but nevertheless it was fun. We started our day off with occupations. During occupations, my group, the Facilities group, made lunch and started to make food for the potluck. I made sloppy joes for the potluck (they are delicious!).

After luncheon we had a big chunk of micro-economy time, where we prepared and made our products that we will sell at the Planting Festival.

Here’s a special shout out to Teddy, my brother, who turns 12 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Ben
April 25

I wrote and edited this poem while looking at the beautiful sunset each night. Here at the land school every night is beautiful either watching the sun fall behind the trees or watching it rise from the A-field.

Light of gold

Heavy with beauty
Resting on the horizon
Slowly moving put of sight
I try to save this light
I try to capture this shinning orb or gold
But all I do is watch your glimmering body fall into the trees
You light the world with a bright flash
But as you leave
Your sister brights the sky
With a pale white shine

by Lilian
April 26

I wrote this poem after going on a hike the first week of farmstay. It represents the connection of plant and human.

a sticky afternoon
in mid-may

the cricket sounds his trumpet of honor
and in the grass
small green garden snakes slither
around a sun-touched rock

a butterfly sits
for the sun
to brush
against her wings
blown by a mint scented wind

as the sun
slowly away
along the thick
green grass
a girl wanders home
heavy boots
scratched legs
tired yet free
her black and curly hair
flying as she runs
and holding
a small wicker basket
after a day of reaching
for the juiciest of blueberries
a break
from endless scrubbing
and confining clothes

coming home
she sees
the sun
shining on her
smearing her with sweat
and she thanks it
for its smiling light
and its reality