Friday, October 19, 2012

Donna’s Birthday

October 19, 2012       Farm Stay One, Day 12
            This morning started as any other with Farm Chores and Breakfast, but at 8:30 instead of Math we had a Community Meeting where we talked about our event and other various topics. After the hour and a half Community Meeting we split up into our Occupation groups. Andy’s group made Pumpkin Pie, Soy Milk, and shucked corn. Donna’s group did various projects including making new signs for the girls bathroom, put together fold up tables for the classroom and dining room, started to re-paint the phone booth, and made the floor flat in the old milk house - all very fun. Dave came shortly before lunch, ate with us and afterwards helped us with some math questions, much to our joy. Jen, Laura, and Laura’s mom came as well to celebrate Donna’s birthday, which we did by singing and presenting her a chocolate cake that Shyamoli, Sadie, and Daniel had made the night before. It was delicious- especially with raspberry ice cream.  After lunch and math we had the final afternoon to finish up our Micro-eco projects. Many were worried which made for a rather crazy, frenetic afternoon, but everything pulled together in the end. After a deep clean, all of us are looking forward to Gallery Night tonight and an exciting, fun day tomorrow at The Spooktacular Halloween Extravaganza Festival Potluck Event Thingy (SHEFPET). Hope to see you all there!

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