Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Potatoes and Science

By Elsa

            Today was a busy day on the farm. First, Doug, the Urban Campus’s science teacher, came here and taught the Farm Stay science for the morning where we set up the bird blind and did some work with the bees. Also during the morning, Class F came up to harvest most of our potatoes. I am a Class F alum, so it was cool to see my old class doing what might have been my favorite part of our school year!
            After our delicious farm made chili, the farm stay went on a photo hike where we took different pictures of the animals, action shots and just the nature around us. We came up with some pretty artsy pictures! As soon as the photo hike was over, Donna did archery with us. I could tell that we have some pretty good Katniss’ in our group! Tonight was also Do-It-Your-Own dinner, where most of us made macaroni and cheese from a box and some of us made bacon and spaghetti.
            Today was a busy day and you could tell that we were all very tired. We couldn’t wait to get some sleep for the Harvest tomorrow!

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