Thursday, October 25, 2012

The End. The Beginning.

Today is the end. The end of living with one another. The end of inside jokes. The end of cook crews. The end of the Farm Stay. Today is the end. Although it is the end, it is also the start of something else. It is the start of remembering inside jokes, the joy of no more cook crews and the start of sharing memories and good times. From the orientation on Day One, to the clean-up today, we have stuck together through everything. Through the prank wars and being sick of each other, we are still one community. I think this is a pretty special thing. This Farm Stay has brought a group of people who were friends together, and made us a family. We have had to stick together through the good times, and the bad. I am sad to say, that this is in fact, my last Farm Stay. As a ninth grader, this is really the last cook crew, the last hike, and the last game of proball. Last year, I wasn’t aware that I would be staying another year, and I thought my 8th grade Farm Stay would be my last. I was devastated, and refused to leave. This year, even though it is the end, I am ok. I realize that I have left my mark on the Land School, and it is now time to move on and let others enjoy it. I leave content, grateful for the time I have had here, and wishing my best to the groups after me. I think I have had a pretty good run, from painting the wings in 7th grade, to the phone booth in 9th. Now I can truthfully say, today is the end, and it has been pretty amazing.

- Shyamoli, 10/25/12

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