Tuesday, October 16, 2012


By Ewan

            Today was the ninth day we have been stuck here in the middle of Wisconsin, we’ve almost been forced to resort to cannibalism, which makes no sense as today was a Harvest Day. But as I just said, today was a harvest day, and we even had help, as class H came out to plant garlic and harvest popcorn. For the harvest we collected a lot of vegetables ranging from cabbage to arugula, to a bunch of different herbs.
            After we finished the harvest, we went back to the Homestead and had lunch. After lunch we had CE/PE, which stands for creative expression and physical expression. Today, we did Tye-Dye! It was a very messy afternoon as we all crammed around the ping-pong table in the basement, while we poured dyes on our shirts, accidentally poured dye on our shirts that we were wearing, and all on the floor too. As we waited for our tye-dyes to soak in, or work, we worked on our corn-sunflowers. Which is a super cool craft project that required a lot corn, some paper, a hot glue gun, and some wire. You glue the corn kernels to a paper circle.  This makes the seeds/center of your flower. As you do this you soak the cornhusks, dry them, cut them into leaf shapes and glue them to the back of your “flower”. You then glue the wire onto the back of this, and you’ve got a corn-sunflower, yay!!!

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