Tuesday, October 23, 2012

-- JH visit --

            Today we woke up feeling very excited (at least most of us were); for today was the day the Junior High was going to come!  Many were excited to see our friends from the urban campus that we had very dearly missed.  But before we could see them and get to the fun part, we had to go through the grueling process of doing math.  Not that math isn’t fun, we just had more interesting things to do, and we were too excited and couldn’t sit still in our seats. 

            After math we set up everything for the day, but this was cut short because the JH came a bit earlier that expected (about 20 min early) so we were a bit unprepared.  After all the hugs, greetings and introduction, we split off into our stewardship groups for the morning.  I was in the Garden and Greenhouse group, so I will talk about my experience for the morning, as I don’t really know what the other stewardship groups did.  For the morning, I made sauerkraut.  We shredded cabbages and then weighed it on a scale.  Once we had 5 lb of cabbage, we added three tablespoons of pickling salt and then put it in a large bucket, someone would then pound it to release the juice and break the cell walls of the pieces of cabbage so that it could absorb the salt. When we were finished with this, and had an almost full bucket, we filled a large plastic bag with water, which we then put on top of the cabbage in the bucket so that it put weight on top and created a seal and helped it ferment.

            When we were finished with the sauerkraut making we returned to the Farmstead and helped sort and pack squash.  After that we ate lunch and then broke off into smaller groups and had free time for about an hour. Some went to the Treehouse, some went to the maze (which was created for our event on the 20th), some played games at the A-field, and others went for hikes.  Then everyone had to leave and we sadly said our goodbyes.  We were all very sad that they had to go, but we knew we would get to see them soon.

                                                                        - Bronwyn

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