Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday October 13th

Saturday 13, 2012
             Today we woke up to a cloudy, rainy day.  After farm chores were done and breakfast cleaned up, we had a meeting about what optional you would like to do if you wanted to work.  Options included cleaning the llama pen, hanging blue corn and popcorn in the greenhouse, cleaning up and storing all of the rye, and harvesting sunflowers.
            After a wonderful lunch of spaghetti, we had free time the rest of the day.  Since outside wasn’t that pleasant, we came up with inside actives to do.  People worked on their test batches of our projects, played the guitar, sang, took naps, called family, and did laundry. Other fun indoor activities included crafts, such as corn art, puzzles and gallery night planning.  But people also found time to go outside and go to the tree house, the “A” field, or smash rotten pumpkins in the pumpkin patches. 
            After dinner there was high excitement.  Tonight was Gallery Night.  Gallery night is basically a little, funny talent show that you get (have to) to participate in.  You can choose what you will do or you can draw a suggestion from a basket or hat that tells you what to do.  You can only veto one time from the basket.  People choose to do acts such as a little skit, a song, or some jokes.  Some particularly good hat picks include: doing an interpretive dance to a song your roommates choose, telling an embarrassing story, reading from any book on page 142 dramatically, or coming up with a puppet show using random items.  Gallery night is a very fun night, and everyone looks forward to the next one.  Saturdays in general are very fun, it is a great day to spend time with one another and relax.

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