Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Farm Stay 1 Blog

             On October 23 the Junior High visited the farm. When they got here everyone talked to each other for a few minutes then gathered in a circle by the long barn. Once the teachers announced who was in what group we got to work. Some people went off to work on taking care of the bees and counting birds and others made sauerkraut. My group organized the greenhouse and started to dry the 16 tubs of sunflower heads.
            After we did that we took the van across the farm to harvest the remaining potatoes. One of us sat on a seat of the tractor attachment and kicked the dirt clumps off. We did four rows of potatoes and we harvested 250 some pounds of potatoes. The hard thing was moving the tubs of potatoes that were 40 pounds each. Once we got all the tubs in the truck we went back to the Farmstead and washed the potatoes and picked out ones that weren’t good.
            After lunch we had 45 minutes of free time and everyone went to the new maze that we made for the Halloween event. Other people went to the tree house or the bird blind or on a hike. But wherever we went we all met up at the Homestead to get on the bus. Then as the Farm Stay students stood on the porch we waved goodbye to the rest of the Junior High.

By: Michael

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