Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making the Maze

            We made the maze for the Halloween festival in the switch grass past the alfalfa. Making the maze was a two-day process. The first day we went into the grass with string, duct tape, a baseball bat, a stick, and a white board. We made a trail by stomping with our feet.  We planned out the maze for a couple hours and then came back for dinner, and we went to bed.
            The next day we awoke at seven to a heavy frost. We got on our warm gear and went with Andy over to the maze. Andy had a brush mower with him and we made the maze, making a lot of dead ends and it became twice as long as we originally thought.
            The maze really paid off. Everyone enjoyed it and the fastest time to make it through was a minute and a half.
By: Adrien

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