Monday, October 15, 2012

Oct. 15, 2012


The Unfortunate Life of the Farmstayer (That’s Supposed To Be Ironic)

Ahh, the Farmstay. Unfortunately for you blog-reader-people (my parents and other Farmstayer’s parental units, maybe the Land School Staff), today was not that interesting of a day, so I can’t really elaborate on it. Unfortunately for me, Andy will get mad at me if I don’t write anything. So, unfortunately for you (again), you have to listen to me babble on about something you’d rather not pay any attention to. Now I’d like to direct you to Sadie’s blog post from last year, called which is my inspiration for this post because I cannot think of anything else to do. Some of us have forgotten to write on the blog, so we have been forced to do them on Oct. 24, during Study Hall, at night. Tough life. (I know I should say I’m looking into the future, but I’m currently writing this at 8:20 on Wednesday night, Oct. 24 myself, so I’m technically talking about the past, which unfortunately (yes, again) we all have to go through (tough life (again))) Next to me, Elsa and Quinlan are taking pictures of themselves on Photo Booth. Why, you ask? “Teenage girls” is my only answer. Well, I guess that’s long enough, wouldn’t you say? Plus, I don’t really want to say anything else. In the words of Farmstay 1, 2012, “Meow, meow meow.”

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