Tuesday, December 11, 2012


            Today was a regular day. Everyone woke up bright and early for Farm chores and breakfast. Tired as we were, we got to do math. It is sometimes hard to focus in the morning but this morning was productive. At 9:30 ish we split up into occupation groups. Donna’s group made a delish meal of chicken vegetable soup along with broccoli and homemade mozzarella cheese. Andy’s group worked on the 2013 season seed inventory. We are counting all the leftover seeds and ordering new ones for the next years to come. After lunch we had CE/PE (creative and physical expression) We first snow shoed into the woods and made “earth art” inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Then we played broomball with Andy in the driveway. It was really cold outside but no one seemed to notice because we were having so much fun. After that, we had daily chores, the usual. Then it was off to Din Din crew and free time. Tonight was TACO TUESDAY! Yumm! At 7:00 ish we had study hall, then off to closing and bedtime. It was a regular but fun day!


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