Friday, December 7, 2012


            Snow! We have been waiting for snow for what seems like ages, but in fact has only been a week. We kept seeing pictures of last year’s Farm Stay 2, and all the kids were happy, and playful. In the snow.
            A few days ago, we got a slight “scatter” of flakes, but it was the lame kind; the kind that melted on impact with the cold ground. Today, we could actually see it, and there was a thin white layer of cold fuzz over the ground. Taking the compost out to the white wooden fence, there was a holiday “buzz” to the world. Snow was still falling, and my feet crunched on the cold frozen earth. Even the flies were amazed, not even buzzing around my head as I dumped the compost from our Make Your Own Pizza Night.
            Snow is more of a symbolic thing to us. We are already planning on going sledding tomorrow, even if the snow isn’t there. We don’t care that we can’t pour maple sugar over the banks of ice and scoop it off with a spoon. It doesn’t matter. Why should it? WE HAVE SNOW!


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  1. I am so happy that you have snow! It has been a long time. Keep enjoying it.