Thursday, December 6, 2012

Today was the best day yet…

            We started out with math. We all did Practice Cycles very diligently. Then we transferred in to Occupations. Personally, I love Occupations. I am in Andy’s group, which is the Garden Dreamer’s. Our group imagines the future, new and improved garden. We look through seed catalogs and think about what plants would do well in the conditions we live in. But we can’t just look in a catalog and choose the prettiest plants. We have to make sure that the plant can grow in our region. We also have to put thought into what we would use the crop for. For instance, if we planted apricots, we could make jam and sell it at the market.
            Today was also especially exciting because some company came. A few 6th graders from the Urban Campus came. It was fun to have some other people in our community to play and laugh with. We went on a photo hike and played on the A-field with the visitors. I had a great time.             
            I enjoyed this day most of all because we got to play and have physical expression outside. It was a beautiful day today. It was a steady 30°F. It was nice, but the whole Farm Stay is yearning for snow. I keep looking outside my window hoping for that first inch.  

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