Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The best blog entry ever created on 12/5/12

    Hey everybody it's Ellis. I suppose that you guys would like to know what we did today so I will tell you. We began the day as normal, eating breakfast and taking showers. When these things were done we had our math time. Today we only had 1/2 hour period for math because Doug came up for our weekly science lesson. These lessons are 3 hours long. We began the lesson by being taught how to put on the snow shoes at the Land School. Once we fitted up and the snow shoes had been put away we began talking about what the science expectations on a Farm Stay are. We also were introduced to Project Feeder-Watch a citizen science project. Once this was all covered we went out do some feeder-watch observations. At the bird blind we spent a 1/2 hour studying the different species that came to feed at the feeder stations. In total we saw 12 different species! Next it was lunch time. Today we had chili and cornbread for lunch and it was a crowd pleaser. In the afternoon we worked on our micro economy crafts until chores at 4:30. After chores we had free time until DIY dinner. For dinner we could make what ever we liked and we all made our own groups to cook in. One group made pancakes, another group made mac and cheese and another group made crêpes. We all enjoyed dinner and after a large amount of us participated in creating a ghost movie on William's camera. After the free time we had study hall and that is as far as we have gotten so far since I'm typing this during study hall.

I hoped you have enjoyed that brief summery of 12/5/12 sponsored by Ellis.
Thank you

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  1. Thanks for a thorough summary Ellis. We appreciate knowing about your day.