Friday, December 14, 2012


            Today at the Land School we all woke up around 8:00 to have breakfast.  After an hour-long math session we started community work.  There were a number of jobs that had to be done, including making lunch, making a ski map, decorating and shelling corn.  I decorated the entryway with some kind of pine décor with Cam.  After we had finished hanging this, we shelled some popcorn.  I ended up shelling so much popcorn that it peeled some of the skin off my thumb.  After community work was over, and we had eaten lunch, we had some Microeconomy time, which we all valued and worked very hard during, preparing for the event the next morning. We also had a long deep clean, in preparation for the upcoming event.  Then we had some free time and then dinner.  After dinner we had more free time, and finished the night with a movie called Source Code.


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